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This firm offers translation and interpreting services on a seven day a week basis for all Spanish clients.

Este empresa ofrece servicios de traducción y interpretación para todos los clientes de hispanohablante, los siete días de la semana.

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The Law Firm of Andrew J. Schatkin offers a unique background and experience in most areas of law. Andrew Schatkin has an extensive background which includes a degree in international law from a major international law center, The Hague, in the Netherlands.

In addition, Andrew J. Schatkin has an additional law degree in International Human Rights from Strasburg, France. Andrew J. Schatkin’s book entitled "Select Legal Topics" has widely sold and has been bought by universities in Taiwan, two universities in India; a university in Thailand, two universities in Mexico, and a university in Argentina. This book has also been bought by Harvard University, Georgetown University, the University of Virginia; New York University, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania as well as many other major academic institutions.

Andrew J. Schakin’s other book of more general philosophical essays has been bought by a major university in Frankfurt, Germany as well as a major Dutch university and a university in Australia. That book of more general essays has been also bought by a major university in South Africa and, a major university in Cairo, Egypt and a major university in Hong Kong. Andrew J. Schatkin’s book of more general essays has been bought by such major universities in the United States as the University of California, Denison University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Texas, the University of Wyoming, the University of Utah and the University of Maryland. Thus, Andrew J. Schatkin is completely qualified in knowledge in most areas of law, including, in particular, employment law, criminal law, and family law. Because of his degree in International human rights issues from Strasbourg, France, Andrew J. Schatkin is able to handle all aspects of human rights issues both in Europe, Africa, and South America. Andrew J. Schatkin has extensive criminal law experience and is also qualified both academically and practically to represent the accused in the international criminal court in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Andrew J. Schatkin is listed in many sites as one of the best lawyers.  He is listed as one of the best lawyers in a national database, Us Lawyers database.  He is listed in superpages.com.  He is listed in the super lawyers search database.  He is listed in Legal x Premier Lawyers Directory.  He is listed as one of the best attorneys in Jericho. He is listed in the base "find a good attorney - attorney recommendation, directory lawyer gurus.com. He is listed in the site best attorneys online.  He is listed in the top criminal defense attorney directory.  Andrew J. Schatkin recently received an invitation for membership into the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 trial lawyers for the year 2014.

Andrew J. Schatkin’s more general book of philosophical essays has been listed as a best seller by Amazon; a top seller by Google Play and a top seller by Scribd.

Andrew J. Schatkin has lately been selected for inclusion in the list of counsel eligible to receive international criminal cases to represent both defendants and victims in the International Criminal Court, in the Hague, in the Netherlands.

In addition, Andrew J. Schatkin's more general book of philosophical essays and his legal book Select Legal Topics have been noted on at least 4 website sales site as great.

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